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Webley & Scott shotgun and Ruger M77 rifle for sale

Webley & Scott 810 Semi Auto Shotgun.
Complete with full set of chokes, choke key and barrel extension.
Excellent, almost as new condition.

Ruger m77 .22 Hornet Rifle.
Stainless steel with laminate stock. Excellent almost as new condition.
Cerakoted in camo finish.
Comes with Nikko Stirling Diamond Long Range 6-24x 50 scope, reloading dies, cases and bullets.
Package comes to around £900 looking for £600 complete.

Interested? quote MR.

.308 Remington 700 sps rifle for sale

I currently have a .308 rifle for sale.
Just giving a chance for someone to buy it from club before it goes on internet sale site.
Remington  700 sps  .308cal,  threaded for moderator or muzzlebrake.
Nice gun, superbly accurate,  any inspection and I have a borescope for use if requested.
Wildcat moderator as seperate sale £100.
I will include 200 once fired cases and 100 168grain  hpbt bullets. 100 primers and gunslip.
Must sell…project  in pipeline.
Quote Keith GR&PC

Rifles for sale

If interested please contact us and we’ll provide details of the seller etc.

Sporterised 7.62 Mauser with ‘scope & mounts – offers around £200.

7.62 x54R Moisin Nagant with bayonet, sniper scope, bullet pouches, Moisin cleaning kit, several boxes of once fired PPU brass cases, full set of RCBS dies (plus set of neck length size dies See below). (The die sets 2nd hand value are worth over £100 on own) I know these rifles can obtain good prices but looking for £475 all in for quick sale.

If interested please contact us and we’ll provide details of the seller etc.