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SEALAND A range on Saturday 8th, NOW MOVED to SUNDAY 9th September

We’ve just (13:00, 3/9/18) received an e-mail telling us that our shoot on Saturday 8th was accidentally double-booked by Nesscliff, and that both A & B ranges are now booked for military units.  I’ve expressed our disappointment at this late notice, and so we’ve been given A range the day after-  SUNDAY  9th September instead- the usual times prevailing.

We’re very sorry about this sudden change but sadly there is little we can do about it – we hope that the Sunday date will be a suitable alternative – particularly for those members who want to remain shooting at Sealand in 2019, and who have not yet put in sufficient attendances this year.

Ron Seddon – the “Purple Plume”

As most of you know, Ron died earlier this year

A great character and one of the longest serving members of Phoenix. Ron had been ill for some time, but this doesn’t make it any easier for his family, Richard Seddon, or us.

Ron was truly a friend and always good fun to be around. We didn’t get to see him much in the last year or so as he had problems which precluded his rejoining us – by his own choice – very sadly. We miss him.

The funeral was  20th February at Landican, and was well attended by many members of Phoenix.