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A legal and safe(ish) way of starting clay shooting – but a very limiting regime.

After much research and discussion (Thanks Rufus!) we have come up with a system which might allow very limited clay shooting for a small number of people during the current crisis . With a lot of hard work, we could probably manage around eight slots, maybe 10 shooters in a day.

Please read through the below, and ask yourself if you are prepared to do this, or would rather wait until the restrictions are changed to make it easier.

At the very end of this page is a link to a quick questionnaireplease complete it with your thoughts so that we can decide whether or not to go ahead on Saturday 30th May.

This is how it goes:

Book a slot at least 48 hours before the shoot day by using an on-line booking system. (A link will be provided if there is sufficient interest.)

Please bring your own ammunition but if you haven’t got any, please contact us as soon as possible to make arrangements.

Regrettably, on the first occasion non- shotgun certificate holders cannot shoot.

Your time will be limited to an absolute maximum of 30 minutes which will include readying your own equipment and a pick-up of clays at the end.

Members of the same household can book a shoot together and can share equipment, but no more than four people at one time may attend and shoot.   Other than this, there will be no sharing of any items, and every shooter must remove all their equipment at the end of their session and return it immediately to their vehicle.

Members must bring their own hand-sanitiser, or equivalent. They must also bring all their own equipment – gun, cartridges, hearing protection etc.

Arrive no more than 10 minutes before your slot.

At all times on the farm you must maintain social distancing rules – at least 2m apart. (This does not apply to members of a household living together, who may also have ONE other member/guest with them.)

Drive to the car park but remain in or by your vehicle until just before your time slot, then walk to the gate to the shooting field with all your equipment.  When ready, we will signal you to enter the shoot layout. There are NO range fees to pay.

You should be ready to shoot as soon as you arrive at the firing points, as time is limited. there will probably only be two traps in use, so please tell the RCO what type of shoot you want.

Five minutes before the end of your shoot, you must assist in picking up whole clays.  You must then immediately take all your equipment back to your car, and leave the farm without delay.

We are unable to guarantee the safety of any members against infection so it is the responsibility of all members to take steps to ensure their own safety by acting responsibly and in accordance with the rules and procedures. Any member failing to do so or acting in any manner considered inappropriate will be required to leave immediately.

We know this is FAR from an ideal situation, and it probably won’t suit many members as our clay shoots are as much social occasions as shoots, but we want to minimise the risk of infection and the risks to the reputation of the sport and our club.

Please think this over and let us know your thoughts HERE

Salute to Ron Stoll

On Saturday 18th January we stopped all activity at Sealand in order to fire a five-volley salute to our (sadly missed) friend Ron Stoll.

Quite a number of members turned up specifically to pay their respects to Ron, but as we were limited to firing numbers by MoD rules, we had a squad of five – selected by lottery.

Ron, our friend

You can view the video below –

SEALAND A range on Saturday 8th, NOW MOVED to SUNDAY 9th September

We’ve just (13:00, 3/9/18) received an e-mail telling us that our shoot on Saturday 8th was accidentally double-booked by Nesscliff, and that both A & B ranges are now booked for military units.  I’ve expressed our disappointment at this late notice, and so we’ve been given A range the day after-  SUNDAY  9th September instead- the usual times prevailing.

We’re very sorry about this sudden change but sadly there is little we can do about it – we hope that the Sunday date will be a suitable alternative – particularly for those members who want to remain shooting at Sealand in 2019, and who have not yet put in sufficient attendances this year.