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The Met is NOT all bad.

Below is the forward to a leaflet produced by the Met for Target Shooting Clubs – and it’s worth a read, particularly in the light of the current state of the Metropolitan Police with its very poor record of vetting new staff; vide David Carrick…..

Perhaps if they had applied the same vetting to new staff that their (efficient AND friendly) Firearms Team do to certificate applicants, they wouyldn’t be in this position.

“There is a long and proud history of civilian target shooting in the United Kingdom. I am very conscious that two of our Independent Advisory Group members, the National Rifle Association and the National Smallbore Rifle Association were founded in 1859 and 1899
respectively. However, civilian target shooting can trace its roots back to the very earliest days of the use of firearms in the country. Today, target shooting is a growth sport, attracting young and old alike, and cutting across gender and social divides.

I am very clear that the Metropolitan Police Service and our key stakeholders, including the members of our Independent Advisory Group and London’s shooting communities, have a shared mission in relation to target shooting. We must do whatever we can reasonably do to support the continued lawful practice of target shooting, whilst protecting public safety. As such, I am delighted to support this good practice guide. I believe that it presents key information to target shooters in London, and elsewhere, in a clear and practical way. This will be of significant practical benefit both to the many shooting clubs in London and to the police.

The fact that this document is a shared enterprise, written by the Metropolitan Police Service’s Firearms Enquiry Team, in partnership with our key stakeholders, demonstrates that keeping London safe, whilst supporting target shooting, is a shared responsibility.

Rob Atkin MBE
T. Commander, Armed Policing”