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Clubs “Good Practice Guide.”

This document was put together by the Metropolitan Police Firearms Enquiry Team together with representatives from the British Shooting Sports Council.

You may recognise one or two of the photos in the guide, so you can guess where the main input from the BSSC came from.

I’d particularly like to bring to your attention a statement in the foreword-

“We must do whatever we can reasonably do to support the continued lawful practice of target shooting, whilst protecting public safety.”

Rob Atkin MBE (T. Commander, Met police Armed Policing)

The whole document rests on honest and clear co-operation between the police and the clubs, and if all police forces and clubs were to adopt this guide, we’d be in a much better place than we are at present.

Met Police Clubs Good Practice Guide.

This document is worth reading as it explains a lot about the relationship between clubs and firearms licensing departments, and while the Home Office have started to charge for things which weren’t chargeable before, the main thrust of the guide remains good.


We are aware that a very large, well-run and well-known target shooting club in the North-West has been closed down by having it’s Home Office Approval removed following a “raid” by the police.

One of the “issues” that caused the club to lose its approval – and thus close – was that the records of those who had attended and shot was incomplete.

HAVE YOU completed a “gunuse” form for each time you have shot your rifle with us? We have been banging on about this on our website and at meetings for years.

If you haven’t, then please contact us to get a list of your dates so that we can help. It’s YOUR certificate which is at risk if you can’t show that you have been using your guns, and it’s the club which is at risk if our records are not complete.

This applies only to guns on your FIREARM certificate which have been used at Sealand or the Sheepshed range; it doesn’t apply to normal shotguns or air rifles.