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If you knew Bill GRINT, could you send us a photo to
of you, with a glass of your favourite tipple – toasting Bill. ….and thanks to everyone who has already done so.
I will add pictures and comments as they come in.
Please try to do this for Bill, his family and friends.

2/6/20 20:09 – We learnt a lot from the last clay shoot, and with the changes in COVID-19 regulation, the next clay shoot at Cotton Edmunds will allow for at least 18 shooters. We are still working on the arrangements, and as soon as things are sorted out we’ll post here.

31/5/20 10:05- We’d like to thank everyone who booked spaces and who helped out with the setting up etc of the 1st clay shoot under the current regime. We now know where we can improve, and we hope to make the next shoot even better. We’d also like to thank those members who sent us such kind words of encouragement – and a bottle of wine! Both worked well to reassure us that all the hard work was worth it. PARTICULAR thanks to those who came to help and who took the brunt of the physical work – we all know who you are, even if you want to remain anonymous !

17/3/20 14:28 – Very sadly we have to cancel the large majority of our group shooting activities until the Coronavirus restrictions are lifted.
We ask that all members keep in touch (In the circumstances, a bad choice of phrase I know…. !) by e-mail, telephone and even snail-mail during this difficult time for us.