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11/8/20 19:41– The National Smallbore Rifle Association [NSRA] are seeking your views as a shooter on the way they should be working for our sport. Please take the time to complete this survey
The NSRA have had a bad time of it, have admitted that they have made mistakes, and that they now need the opinions of ALL shooters on how to proceed. – Please help.

10/8/20 17:42 – A space has become available for the Sheepshed Evening Shoot on 12th August – if you want it – please contact us ASAP! The Twenty-First edition of the PSA News has now been sent to everyone please let us know if you liked – or disliked – it. Many thanks.

8/8/20 17:19 – The next PSA news is nearing completion and will be sent out in the next couple of days. We’d like to thank every member who came along to the recent shoots to support us despite the difficulties – it makes all the effort worthwhile.

22/7/20 14:06 – The COVID-19 regulations for the clay shoot at Cotton Edmunds have been eased considerably! We still have to book places and ensure the 1+ metre social distancing, but otherwise you shouldn’t notice much difference from normal. We DO need to know fairly quickly how many people want to attend so that we can bring and prepare the necessary equipment. Please be assured that we will do all we can to prevent the spread of infection. See and…ay-5th-september/

If you knew Bill GRINT, could you send us a photo to
of you, with a glass of your favourite tipple – toasting Bill. ….and thanks to everyone who has already done so.
I will add pictures and comments as they come in.
Please try to do this for Bill, his family and friends.

17/3/20 14:28 – Very sadly we have to cancel the large majority of our group shooting activities until the Coronavirus restrictions are lifted.
We ask that all members keep in touch (In the circumstances, a bad choice of phrase I know…. !) by e-mail, telephone and even snail-mail during this difficult time for us.