Phoenix Shooters Association UK

12/05/2021- 12:39 – I’m afraid we STILL haven’t had confirmation of our shoot at Sealand on 22nd May, despite it being in the Sealand Ranges diary and having sent all the documentation, done the recce, signed the range log etc.
As soon as things are confirmed, (or otherwise) we’ll post it here.

04/05/2021 – 15:41 – The clay shoot at Cotton Edmunds on 15th is now fully booked, but if you want to go on the waiting list in case there is a cancellation, please contact us by e-mail.

If you get the PSA news, could you help us to improve by taking a
short survey at – ?
Thank you.

1/1/21 – Following the truly apalling 2020, we’re giving a cautious welcome to 2021 – Surely its GOT to be better ?

3/12/20 17:08 Warning – A few moments ago we received an e-mail puporting to have come from an old friend, only to find that it was a scam: her address book had been hacked. It is therefore just possible that the PSA address book may also have been compromised, although we have NO evidence of this.
We have already taken security precautions, but if you should receive any strange e-mails asking for money etc which appear to have come from us, please let us know at once.

23/11/20. 15:38– The government is starting another public consultation about firearms controls, in 3 areas – Miniature Rifle Ranges, HME Firearms and airguns.
We will need a lot of sensible responses to this if we don’t want to find re-loading banned or severely restricted, and also look very carefully at any proposals for further airgun controls.


Members, your normal log-in is near the bottom of this page.

23/9/20 14:27 – We very much regret to say that we will not now be able to use the Sheepshed range until further notice.
We apologise for the short notice, but this was due to circumstances beyond our control.

19/8/20 11:01- We have quite a number of spare bits and pieces of club equipment which are surplus to requirements, or accessories to guns etc we no longer have. We will advertise them on the website, and if interested, make us an offer! Note that if you change your mind, we will of course refund your money immediately.
To make it clear – ANY offer of £1 or above for ANY item will be considered.
[Please note that this is ONLY available to members logged on to the site.]

If you knew Bill GRINT, could you send us a photo to
of you, with a glass of your favourite tipple – toasting Bill. ….and thanks to everyone who has already done so.
I will add pictures and comments as they come in.
Please try to do this for Bill, his family and friends.

17/3/20 14:28 – Very sadly we have to cancel the large majority of our group shooting activities until the Coronavirus restrictions are lifted.
We ask that all members keep in touch (In the circumstances, a bad choice of phrase I know…. !) by e-mail, telephone and even snail-mail during this difficult time for us.