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14/9/21- 11:44 – Don’t forget the Brimstage shoot on
SUNDAY 19th September.
There will be fun competitions with prizes (no need to enter if you don’t want to) and as usual, there will be a great number of “interesting” targets. These shoots are very social ocassions as we don’t have to wear hearing protection, and you can shoot as much as you like. We have the bows etc available for archery as well.

6/9/21 – 13:52 The Sealand Shoot on SATURDAY 25th September has been confirmed, but the full COVID19 MoD restrictions still apply, so you MUST pre-book your place, bring your own mask and sanitiser, exercise 2 metre social distancing, not borrow or lend equipment etc.

29/6/21 20:55 – We have a new “Gun Use” system for you to use – when you’ve used your personal fireams for target shooting at the club – it’s at
or you can use –

22/7/21 – 09:44 The GUNTRADER website (see below) has suffered a data breach – See –
If you’ve used it, we would recommend that you change your password for that site, and if you’ve used the same password elsewhere, change them as well.

19/8/21 – 15:25. If your shooting organisation no longer offers insurance cover for the refusal or revocation of your firearm or shotgun certificate, you might consider-

The Country Cover Club

1/1/21 – Following the truly apalling 2020, we’re giving a cautious welcome to 2021 – Surely its GOT to be better ?

If you knew Bill GRINT, could you send us a photo to
of you, with a glass of your favourite tipple – toasting Bill. ….and thanks to everyone who has already done so.
I will add pictures and comments as they come in.
Please try to do this for Bill, his family and friends.

17/3/20 14:28 – Very sadly we have to cancel the large majority of our group shooting activities until the Coronavirus restrictions are lifted.
We ask that all members keep in touch (In the circumstances, a bad choice of phrase I know…. !) by e-mail, telephone and even snail-mail during this difficult time for us.