Phoenix Shooters Association UK


17/3/20 14:28 – Very sadly we have to cancel all our group shooting activities until the Coronavirus restrictions are lifted.
It is the only responsible option.
We ask that all members keep in touch (In the circumstances, a bad choice of phrase I know…. !) by e-mail, telephone and even snail-mail during this difficult time for us.

Except the item above, we will now be posting these updates with the most recent at the top, with earlier ones below for convenience of reading. (Note there there is a link to the latest government advice in the heading.)
Your normal log-in is at the very bottom of this page.

27/3/20 15:34 – The second 2020 Newsletter was sent out today, and within a very short time we had two replies to the “Invasion” picture – both correct. One prize left…..

26/3/20 – 20:34 We hope to have the next edition of our newsletter finished and sent to you in the new few days.

25/3/20 14:33 – The take-up of the postal air rifle competition has been great – 19 entrants so far, with 3 people letting us know that they wouldn’t be able to enter for various reasons. If you haven’t yet replied, it will help us decide how to proceed if you let us know a “Yes” or “No” as soon as you can. THANKS!

24/3/20 – 14:48 – Would any member be interested in a postal air rifle shoot?
We are thinking about arranging one whereby we post targets to you, then you post them back to us once shot. This would be a standing, unsupported 10 yard, competition: please let us know.

23/3/20 – 13:56 – We’ve posted a link to an article from the Liverpool Echo relating to Coronavirus, but members will find it of particular. personal interest. Log in to see it.

22/3/20 – 13:49 – A “Name the Guns ” competition post – for members.

21/3/20 19:39 – The basic format of our next newsletter has been prepared – now we need meat for the bones!

21/3/2020 18:51 We have e-mailed and posted the first of our newsletters during the crisis. We now await articles, photos, anecdotes – anything that will help us for the next edition Please help us and all the other members by sending them to us soon. Thanks.