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Phoenix Shooters Association club news.

Reeves RFD – orders from Phoenix members

John Reeves is now taking any orders for the Reeves Registered Firearms Dealership..  He would be grateful if you could enter your requirements into a book in the clubroom at the Sheepshed  range, and he will make arrangements with you for payment and collection.

Please remember to leave your contact details.

John’s  mobile number can be obtained from Mary if you would prefer to text any orders or discuss your requirements.

Alex will be undertaking his 17th consecutive Wirral Coastal Walk (15 miles) on Sunday 18th June 17. Sponsorship is in aid of Cancer Research and will be gratefully received.

Please limit donations to a maximum of £5. See Alex at any PSA event

Many Thanks


Ammunition limits on MoD Ranges – a clarification, and something we all need to know.

I now appreciate that the Muzzle-Energy  graph we were supplied with was probably incorrect, (Thanks Mike R !) so to clarify the position I’ve taken this from the NRA website re limitations at Bisley and on most MoD Ranges, including Sealand.

a maximum muzzle velocity of 1000 m/s (3280 ft/s) and

a maximum muzzle energy of 4500 J (3319 ft lb);

Cartridges which, when normally loaded, would exceed the ME/MV limits of any specific range may not be used on that range even if downloaded.

This is not something we wanted (neither did the NRA) but it is what we are lumbered with.  Please ensure that your ammunition conforms – all the ammunition we supply does.

For all Home Office approved target shooting club secretaries in the UK

From 1st August 2016 – the New Home Office Club Criteria.

The new Home Office Criteria for Target Shooting Clubs.

After pressure from the shooting organisations and the police, the Home Office have reviewed the criteria for target shooting clubs approval.

Most of the changes are simply updates of addresses and organisations, but some WILL affect your club.

  1. Applying for approval. Now when applying for approval, the application goes to the police force where the secretary or person responsible for application lives.
  2. The club must inform the police of ANY member (other than probationary or guest member) who has not shot with the club for 12 months or who has ceased to be a member.
  3. The details provided by the club to the police must now include the full name and address, AND the date and place of birth of the applicant/member.
  4. The club must inform the police of the date on which a person became a full member.
  5. There is no longer a requirement to provide “the outcome” of an application to join, as it’s effectively covered by 4. above.
  6. The declaration on the membership application form about prison sentences has been updated to include suspended sentences of 3 months or longer.
  7. The club must now have access to ranges where “adequate financial arrangements” are in place to meet claims (read “Insurance”) instead of the old range safety certificates.
  8. ALL notifications (applications for membership, members leaving or not shot for 12 months) must be sent to the police force through whom the approval was sought, or renewed.

The fee is still £84, and you can pay by Credit or Debit card by calling  0845 010 0125 and quoting your Home Office club reference number and the payment code of 0120/295004/61010: .

Two opportunities were missed –  the Home Office were asked for evidence of any problems or benefits to the public safety to help the group reviewing the criteria, but none was forthcoming, neither were they prepared to bring S1 shotguns and long-barrelled pistols under the Home Office approval banner.

Despite pressure from the shooting organisations, the Home Office did not remove the unnecessary bureaucratic requirement to record the make, type, and serial number of every guns used by every member with a Firearm certificate every time they shoot.


Our Founder

I found this photo of Roy Williams (RIP,) taken at the range at Saeton Camp just outside Chester; Roy looks a little puzzled as to why someone would want a photo of him !

Roy was a Scenes of Crime Officer (knows then as a “SOCO”) with the police, and he founded Phoenix Shooters Association at the end of 1977.

Our first shoot was at Sealand Ranges on 1st January 1978 – and the range log for that shoot was a little succinct-

“Lorna Williams
Roy Williams
Brian Dickinson
‘A’ Range
Thick snow – shot for 1/2 hour then gave up. Range fees waived.”

We shot at Saeton (now closed) two or possibly three times while Sealand was undergoing some refurbishment.  This was in the late 1970’s or very early 80’s – the records are a little unclear around this time.

Roy Williams the Founder of PSA
Our Founder, Roy Williams (RIP) at Saeton Camp in the late 70’s or early 80’s.

….. and yes, fashions were a bit different then…..

We’ve added a little info to help those who have had difficulty using the members section of this website. To view this page please click the link below or you can find a permanent link under the  main ‘Members’ menu item.

How To Log In

If you are still unsure, or if you continue to have any problems with your user account then please contact us, start a thread about it on the forum, or speak to AJ at the range.

What would happen if the police called unexpectedly to check your firearm security ?

As a certificate holder you should be well aware of condition 4(a)

“The firearms and [section 1] ammunition to which the certificate relates must at all times (except in the circumstances set out in paragraph (b) below) be stored securely so as to prevent, so far as is reasonably practicable, access to the firearms or ammunition by an unauthorised person; ”

Any breach of this condition is viewed seriously by the police and the courts, so PLEASE make sure that your guns and all your ammunition is put away properly after a shoot, and that the keys are kept in such a way that only the certificate holder knows where they are. 

Hiding them in your sock drawer is NOT a good option – it seems that that’s the one place that criminals look first – assuming they know which drawer has the socks in it. Hanging the keys on a hook next to the cabinet is even sillier.

 You’ll note that this doesn’t apply to normal shotgun ammunition, but it still makes sense to store it in out of the way – certainly away for your shotgun.

The second condition relating to security is Condition 4 (b):

“Where a firearm or [section 1] ammunition to which the certificate relates is in use or the holder of the certificate has the firearm with him for the purpose of cleaning, repairing or testing it or for some other purpose connected with its use, transfer or sale, or the firearm or ammunition is in transit to or from a place in connection with its use or any such purpose, reasonable precautions must be taken for the safe custody of the firearm or the ammunition.”

Which is less onerous, but you still have to comply with it.  Make sure that nothing is visible in your car if you park it that would make it obvious that there might be guns or ammo in it. Lock them in the boot, park it in an obvious place, make sure it’s locked – there’s plenty more advice in the links below.

We don’t want Phoenix to be dragged through the mud because a member was careless and left guns or ammunition out where someone who doesn’t have a certificate had access to them, so PLEASE take this warning on board – and THINK about your security at home or in the car.

There is plenty of help and guidance in the two links below, but you can always ask Mary or Mike if you need any help at all.

We know most people (and hopefully ALL Phoenix members) comply with this, but one or two careless or complacent shooters haven’t done so, which leads us ALL into problems.

We’ve been told that the name for an area of houses being built on the Mostyn House School playing fields is to be “Phoenix Court” – apparently in honour of our (now ex-) presence there.

It’s difficult to know what to feel about this…..