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The National Ballistics Intelligence Service (NaBIS) has discovered a security and data breach involving firearm (and shotgun?) certificate holders.

The data is from 2010 -11 and was posted in 2015 so is not a new, but NaBIS are taking action to make victims aware and advise on security.

The personal details of 180 people are on XXXX website, and it details their home address, financial information, firearms purchased and the value. It appears that it may be from a Finance company given the information listed but the source is yet to be ascertained.  The National Crime Agency Cyber team are investigating and the data breach has been reported to the Information Commissioner.

The Head of NaBIS I has sent out a report to all forces  ask that they make contact with those individuals affected and to offer the following advice:

Information for Victims:

  • Your personal details have been published on a website on the internet
  • They include passwords, bank account details, salary, home address, telephone numbers and employer names as well details of firearms you may have purchased
  • Research indicates this data was obtained around 2010-2011 and then posted on a website called “Pastebin” in 2015
  • Reassure victims that this is an old data breach that has only just come to the attention of the Police
  • The National Crime Agency’s Cyber Crime Unit is now investigating the circumstances of this data breach
  • The data breach has been reported to the Information Commissioner
  • Provide security advice on safe storage of their firearms in the property or when travelling with them in any vehicles
  • Advise them that the Shooting Organisations will have security advice should they need anything further.
  • Tell them to report any suspicious activity to the Police on 101 or in an emergency dial 999
  • This information does appear to have been picked up on by the press who may try to contact them using the information on the XXXXX site
  • The Police and NCA do not advise people to go on to the XXXXX web site.

Enquiries are on-going to try to identify the source for the data breach.

OUR ADVICEAs Firearm or Shotgun certificate holders, we should all be aware of the risks posed by criminals wishing to obtain our guns illegally.  This is NOT a rumour – we know that – recently, and in the North-West – target shooters have been attacked and or their firearms stolen.
The Firearm Security Handbook 2005 at –

Gives plenty of advice, but to bring it up to date a bit – we advise individual certificate holders, and those traveling with firearms –

1. DO NOT post information about the dates and/or places of your future shooting activities on Facebook, Instagram etc. as this will alert anyone with criminal intent to the whereabouts of firearms, and the fact that your home may be unoccupied.

2. DO NOT give away information on such public websites which could identify you personally as a firearm certificate holder (IE: full name, or home address, details for shooting activities etc.)

3.When traveling to and from shooting venues, be aware of the potential for a criminal to follow you.

4. When loading/unloading firearms etc from vehicles, be aware of your surroundings – anyone or anything suspicious? Move on.

5. Note the registered numbers of any vehicles you believe to be suspicious or unusual at your shooting venue, school or home.

6. Be aware of local police station (if any, nowadays!) so that if you believe your vehicle is being followed by someone with evil intent, you can go there for safety.