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Good News for Target Shooting Club secretaries

If you are a target shooting club secretary or official the new licensing process is going to save you a fair bit of time and paperwork.

At last, the requirement for you to act as referee for any club member renewing their Firearm Certificate has been abolished, so if your club has (say) 200 members,  this will save you the time, postage and effort required to complete forty forms every year.

Of course your members will still need referees, but now there are NO extra forms to send to them to get lost in the post, or to delay the process. Furthermore, the requirement for a bank official, MP, Doctor etc for a countersignatory for a shotgun certificate has been abolished –  – praise be !

You can find the forms  and the BASC guidance on their completion at –

Your shooting organisation can help and advise if you need it –

See –