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.50 calibre rifles and “rapid fire” rifles – BASC press release

BASC seeks government clarification ahead of public consultation on knives and firearms

BASC is seeking clarification from the government following the announcement of a public consultation on offensive weapons.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd has announced that among the proposals on which the government will consult are restrictions on the online sales of knives and the transfer of two firearms (.50 calibre and “certain rapid firing rifles”) from the general licensing arrangements to the stricter provisions of section 5 of the Firearms Act 1968.

While the UK’s largest shooting organisation welcomes efforts to tackle crime, it cautions against measures which may not be evidence-based, comply with the principles of better regulation and may impose unintended consequences on legitimate traders or end users.

Bill Harriman, BASC’s director of firearms, said: “The details of this consultation have not yet been released, but BASC is seeking clarification from government as a matter of urgency.

“BASC will ensure that the views of its members will be represented as part of the consultation process. We will continue to challenge proposals for changes in legislation if we believe they are incorrectly targeted or will be ineffective.

“BASC will hold the government to account and demand that any proposals to change legislation are proportionate and evidence led. While we will be supportive of measures which tackle crime, it is important that legislative changes are not made as a knee-jerk response.”

BASC is approaching government to clarify proposals for .50 calibre and rapid firing rifles.

Mr Harriman added: “The ability of terrorists or criminals to acquire .50cal rifles is insignificant. These have been possessed lawfully without incident. The current wording around proposals for certain rapid firing rifles are too vague to allow a detailed response at this stage.”

The Home Office has also announced it will consult on proposals to restrict the online sale of knives so they cannot be delivered to a private residential address and must instead be collected at a place where age ID can be checked.

Mr Harriman added: “Banning the delivery of bladed items by mail order may be detrimental to the legitimate knife trade and end users. It would, for example, likely cause immense difficulties for those who make a legitimate living from hand-crafting niche hunting knives to sell them online.

“Such legislation may not meet the regulatory proportionality test or have a demonstrable effect on criminality. And it would do nothing to stop people using kitchen knives to commit crimes.”

Ammunition limits on MoD Ranges – a clarification, and something we all need to know.

I now appreciate that the Muzzle-Energy  graph we were supplied with was probably incorrect, (Thanks Mike R !) so to clarify the position I’ve taken this from the NRA website re limitations at Bisley and on most MoD Ranges, including Sealand.

a maximum muzzle velocity of 1000 m/s (3280 ft/s) and

a maximum muzzle energy of 4500 J (3319 ft lb);

Cartridges which, when normally loaded, would exceed the ME/MV limits of any specific range may not be used on that range even if downloaded.

This is not something we wanted (neither did the NRA) but it is what we are lumbered with.  Please ensure that your ammunition conforms – all the ammunition we supply does.

Scottish Airgun Law

From 31st December 2016, the law in Scotland requires certificates for low-powered airguns  – and you can obtain them  like firearm certificates – from the police – at least the law-abiding shooters will.

Criminals won’t be allowed certificates which will simply mean they’ll continue to abuse airguns as before, and that’s even assuming that they’ll apply for them – which I sincerely doubt.

So, much more work and bureaucracy for the police and the shooter – at a time when airgun crime is at its lowest level ever in Scotland. Good news eh ?

For all Home Office approved target shooting club secretaries in the UK

From 1st August 2016 – the New Home Office Club Criteria.

The new Home Office Criteria for Target Shooting Clubs.

After pressure from the shooting organisations and the police, the Home Office have reviewed the criteria for target shooting clubs approval.

Most of the changes are simply updates of addresses and organisations, but some WILL affect your club.

  1. Applying for approval. Now when applying for approval, the application goes to the police force where the secretary or person responsible for application lives.
  2. The club must inform the police of ANY member (other than probationary or guest member) who has not shot with the club for 12 months or who has ceased to be a member.
  3. The details provided by the club to the police must now include the full name and address, AND the date and place of birth of the applicant/member.
  4. The club must inform the police of the date on which a person became a full member.
  5. There is no longer a requirement to provide “the outcome” of an application to join, as it’s effectively covered by 4. above.
  6. The declaration on the membership application form about prison sentences has been updated to include suspended sentences of 3 months or longer.
  7. The club must now have access to ranges where “adequate financial arrangements” are in place to meet claims (read “Insurance”) instead of the old range safety certificates.
  8. ALL notifications (applications for membership, members leaving or not shot for 12 months) must be sent to the police force through whom the approval was sought, or renewed.

The fee is still £84, and you can pay by Credit or Debit card by calling  0845 010 0125 and quoting your Home Office club reference number and the payment code of 0120/295004/61010: .

Two opportunities were missed –  the Home Office were asked for evidence of any problems or benefits to the public safety to help the group reviewing the criteria, but none was forthcoming, neither were they prepared to bring S1 shotguns and long-barrelled pistols under the Home Office approval banner.

Despite pressure from the shooting organisations, the Home Office did not remove the unnecessary bureaucratic requirement to record the make, type, and serial number of every guns used by every member with a Firearm certificate every time they shoot.


Firearm & Shotgun certificates – the fees

BASC – licensing fees

 BASC has issued a reminder to members that new firearms licensing fees came into effect from 6 April, the first change since 2001.

 The new fees, which were agreed by a Home Office working group, which included the police, BASC and the British Shooting Sports Council, are compliant with Treasury guidelines and the principles of better regulation. They were set after a detailed examination of police costs and processes.

 They are designed to provide full cost recovery once e-commerce measures, including an online payments system, are introduced by the police.

 The fee for the grant of a shotgun certificate from will rise from £50 to £79.50 with proportionate increases in other fees. A shotgun renewal will cost £49. The grant of a firearm certificate is £88 with the renewal set at £62. The fee for variations on firearm certificates falls to £20.

BASC Chairman Alan Jarrett said: “The successful negotiation of these fees through due process and despite the demand for much larger sums is a first step in ensuring a licensing system that provides both excellent service to shooters and protects public safety.

“BASC is currently discussing more effective systems of licensing and we have publicly stated our desire to see the length of certificates extended from five to ten years. A ten-year certificate would help to reduce police costs and bureaucracy without affecting public safety. It could be the foundation of a better licensing system.”

BASC Chief Executive Richard Ali said: “The introduction of new fees marks a successful conclusion of negotiations with the police and the government which began more than two years ago, but the task of improving the licensing regime goes on and those who shoot can be confident that BASC expertise is being deployed to ensure that they get a fair settlement.”

The NEW fees –

Firearm certificate
Grant / renewal
£88 / £62
Shotgun certificate
Grant / renewal
£79.50 / £49
Registered Firearms Dealer
Grant / renewal
British Visitors Permit
Individual / group
£20 / £100
Coterminous certificates
Grant / renewal
£90 / £65
Game fairs (RFD extension)
Replacement certificate
Variation (not one for one)