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Rifles for sale

If interested please contact us and we’ll provide details of the seller etc.

Sporterised 7.62 Mauser with ‘scope & mounts – offers around £200.

7.62 x54R Moisin Nagant with bayonet, sniper scope, bullet pouches, Moisin cleaning kit, several boxes of once fired PPU brass cases, full set of RCBS dies (plus set of neck length size dies See below). (The die sets 2nd hand value are worth over £100 on own) I know these rifles can obtain good prices but looking for £475 all in for quick sale.

If interested please contact us and we’ll provide details of the seller etc.

Club Rules

We have always tried to keep rules to those required by law, safety and to enhance our enjoyment of the sport, and these are the absolute minimum –

  1. Whenever possible, members are expected to take an equal share of any duties required to run a range or clay layout.
  2. There shall be a three month minimum probation period, running from the date of the applicant’s first attending a shoot. During this time the probationary member is expected to attend regularly. The probation period may be extended by the secretary if required.
  3. Every applicant for membership shall be given a course in the safe handling of relevant firearms before first shooting, and shall be supervised by a member until that member is satisfied that the applicant can be trusted to shoot safely unsupervised. In the case of shooting on any MoD range, the applicant must obtain a Shooter Certification Card (SCC) from the appropriate authority before shooting without one-to-one supervision.
  4. Every member must be in possession of their SCC when shooting on MoD ranges.
  5. At each shooting session a Range Conducting Officer will be appointed, and every member, guest or probationary member will immediately obey any order given by that officer whilst shooting is in progress.
  6. Every member must attend an absolute minimum of four times per annum, or inform the secretary or treasurer of the reasons for a lesser number of attendances.
  7. At the end of every club shoot involving the use of section 1 firearms, every member with a firearm certificate must complete a form indicating the use of his or her firearms in the form provided, and hand it to the Secretary or anyone appointed by the secretary. This may be done online, within 3 days of the shoot.
  8. If a member fails to pay his or her annual subscription before May the 1st, and fails to inform the secretary of the reason for this in advance, that person shall cease to become a member of the Phoenix Shooters Association.
  9. No member will do or say anything to bring the Phoenix Shooters Association or the shooting sports into disrepute.
  10. The Secretary reserves the right to expel anyone from the club who fails to conform to the rules, acts in an unsafe, illegal or unsporting manner, or brings the club or the sport into disrepute.