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Please Note !

The Cotton Farm Clay Shoot on 4th July

First, please read thishttp://www.phoenixshooters.co.uk/clay-shooting-system/

Please select a time from the list below, then ring or e-mail us to book your place in one of the available time slots.
NB: If no vacant slots appear below – please contact us ASAP so that we can help.
Only six people may shoot in any of the time slots, and you MUST book beforehand.

Please remember that new social distancing rules (3 feet + ) must be complied with, and we would ask that members bring their own form of sanitising hand gel or disinfectant, own hearing and eye protection. There must be no  borrowing or lending of guns or equipment.

Anyone who needs club ammunition must let us know what is required beforehand. Please bear in mind that we have not been able to buy any ammunition recently, so stocks are low. Payment for club ammunition can be done by BACS or cheque. There are NO range fees.

There will be TWO time slots with six places in each but this may change subject to demand – we may need to have three session of 3/4 hrs each.

10:00 to 11:00

  1. GJ
  2. TD
  3. DB
  4. RB
  5. IW
  6. AP

11:00 to 12:00

  1. SF
  2. AN
  3. CS
  4. MR
  5. RR
  6. CW

Shoot at Phil’s Place, 30th December – the last shoot of 2017, and we’re SO close to a record !

Phil has very kindly offered to let us have a shoot during the Christmas Holiday – on Saturday,  30th December.

It’s NOT just a clay shoot – we’ll also have the club airguns, and the various knockdown targets as well.  We will probably also go to a local venue afterwards for a “committee meeting”  so it’s also a social occassion.

We are hoping that if sufficient people come this shoot that 2017 will be a record year for attendances – it’s something we have worked hard to achieve, and if you come along to shoot clays, and/or airgun – or just to socialise and take in the friendly atmospherre, you’ll be helping us to make that record. We do hope that you can come along.

Mike & Mary.