Bill Grint

Bill Grint
Our absent friend Bill

23rd July – Bill’s birthday

Bill was born 23rd July 1939 and was christened the day that war was declared – September 1939.
Today on Bill’s birthday his brother Peter is taking his ashes to the Norfolk coast to release them on a beach somewhere.
Many of the nieces and nephews that knew him as ‘Uncle Bill’, now have families of their own – and are going with Peter and Annie. Yvonne, Bill’s late brother Les’s widow has decided to let Les’s ashes go as well – somehow fitting – Bill and Les together again – and on Bill’s birthday.

At 08:15 15th May 2020,
our Friend, Mentor & Guide
BILL GRINT was cremated at an unattended ceremony in
We miss him.

….. and some of your comments

Mike & Mary Eveleigh

We are desperately sorry to have to tell you that our good friend and mentor Bill Grint, died today – 11th April 2020.

Bill had been ill for a while but typically made nothing of it, but it finally caught up with him today.

We have known Bill for well over 25 years or more, and many of you will know Bill from Phoenix where his uncompromising stance over matters relating to firearms law and shooting were well known.

Some say Bill didn’t suffer fools gladly – we disagree: Bill didn’t suffer fools at all.

Bill enjoyed being called “Captain Grumble” or “Captain Grumpy”, but we always found that when he WAS grumpy, there were well-founded reasons for it. 

Bill’s direct manner made him far more friends than enemies, and we always found his directness so very helpful whenever we asked his advice about club matters – as Bill had a great deal of experience in these matters. 

We all know that however irascible Bill appeared, there was no-one more ready to help, to organise, to do whatever was needed at the time.  His sense of humour caught many unaware, and his taste in beer was admirable !

We will say more at a later date when time and space give us chance to say more about our member, our friend, our mentor.

Felicity Davies
Bill was a member of our sort of history/archaeology class/discussion group. He was a very valued member, and we were all felt quite honoured that he would travel from Frodsham to West Kirby.
We were all very fond of him and regarded him as a dear friend.
None of us will forget the talk he gave us about the 7 bishops.

Tom Friend
Although I didn’t know Bill Grint, a long time Member of the Phoenix Shooters, I wish to express My thoughts & Sympathy for Bill’s Family & Friends.
Regards, Tom

Jan, Debra, Trinity and Samuel Bailey
Thank you for the very sad news about Bill Grint.  When we last spoke about BIll, I was left with the impression that his enduring and tough character would enable him to pull through – if anyone could, perhaps he could.  Alas, this was not to be the case. 

Despite his ‘reputation’, Bill was a welcoming and inclusive character within the warm fug that is the Winter Evening venue par excellence: The Sheepshed.  It will be difficult not to see him in his regular seat opposite the desk in the Sheepshed, nor to hear him hold forth on an issue that he felt passionately about.

The Maori have a saying after the passing of a significant figure: a totara has fallen.  The totara is a huge tree and is symbolic of the strength of the forest: ‘And in oratory, the death of a notable person is often announced or referred to as the falling of a tötara in te wao-nui-a-Tāne, the great forest of Tāne. ‘
Please pass our deepest condolences and sympathies to his family and close friends.

Dan Owen
Sorry to hear about Bill passing away, please pass my regards to family, I remember shooting at Warrington with him years ago. 

Paul Evans
I asked Bill once why didn’t he shoot clays?… “it’s rather good fun” I added. He replied instantly, without hesitation..
“What the bloody hell would I want to shoot clays for, I’ve spent my life trying to keep the bloody gun still”
Made me chuckle. Still does.

Alex Williams
I will also be drinking a toast to Bill this evening (or maybe 3!)

Dan Newton
I really appreciate your comments about Bill G also as you are so right in what you say about him.  He will be missed!

Dave Livett
To Bill I know he will be missed

John Lynch
A straight talking whiskey for a straight talking guy.
Cheers Bill, rest in peace, sadly missed.

Tom Byrne 
To Bill … met him a few times … liked him … raising my glass in his honour at this sad time.

Mike and Gemma Eveleigh
Thinking of friends and family.

Roger Williams
Dear Bill’s family,
I am a relatively new member to PSA (only 2 years), but I remember Bill fondly with his gruff ‘no nonsense’ but much appreciated approach to providing invaluable advice to the ‘rookie’.
This advice, or should I say ‘lively debate’ occasionally extended further over a pint in the  Pub in after a Club night… tonight I raise a glass of my favourite tipple of Jameson’s 🥃 in memory of our friend Bill.
With condolences and kindest regards.

Arun Kushwara
My condolences, may his soul rest in peace. Kind regards,

Dave Steward
Bless him !

You’ve got a good heart, and I’m sure his relatives will take comfort from them, it’s a brilliant idea.

Dave Steward Jeremy Crimes, Carleton Smith
To Bill, God bless.
Me and Pat loved your banter at Warrington!
Here’s me, Jeremy and Carleton raising a glass

Phil Higgins
It was a privilege to know you. 

Rob Dunlea-Jones
I had known Bill as a great character of the club and also while I was a member at Warrington Pistol & Rifle Club. 

Ian Logan
Sad news indeed. “Grumpy” he may have been but he was so helpful in getting me my first rifles and always ready to have a chat. I shall remember him with fondness.

Tony Durairaj
So sorry to hear about Bill he was such a character and will be missed by both myself and Danielle.
He helped us so much when we joined the club and his dry sense of humour will be sorely missed.

Mike Rimmer
Very sad, if not unexpected news. Could you please pass condolences from Ruth and I.

Steve Jenkins
RIP Bill

Simon Font
R.I.P. Bill.
Never judge a book by its cover.

Thank you for the news. I have fond memories of Bill, as we discussed recently, despite is curmudgeonly demeanour. 
It’s unfortunate that social distancing prevents the send-off he deserves.
Rest in peace, Bill Grint.

Graham Gibbs
Thanks for that. I always had great respect for Bill.

Thanks also for writing about Bill Grint. The work he did for the sport, clubs and individuals was greatly appreciated. I had great respect for his straight talking common sense attitude. It’s unfortunate we are not able  to attend a service to show our respect but I know he will be remembered by all of us. Unfortunately I will be working on Friday evening but I will still raise a glass to him (no alcohol obviously).

A couple of anecdotes:

1.There was the visit to a well-known pub chain, where the microwave ruled the kitchen and the beer was “of a standard.”

Among the food presented to us was what Bill called a “Lazarus roll” – a bread roll that was probably past it’s best, but brought back to life with a ten second burst in the microwave.  The difficulty was that when it cooled it dried and became rock hard – as this one did.

Bill went to the bar and pointed this out to the bar manager who apologised and offered Bill a beer as compensation: Bill’s riposte?  “I was just coming to that – your beer’s shite as well!” (It was.)

2. Some years ago one of our members suggested that Phoenix might like to have committees and hold meetings and the like:  We thought this over, and asked Bill for his advice one morning at Sealand – his reply was heard far and wide – “YOU F—KING DARE!!”  We took it from this that Bill was not enamoured of the suggestion – and we still don’t have formal committees. We DO however tend to discuss club matters with members in the pub – which DID meet with Bill’s approval (and quite possibly at his suggestion.)