Clay Shooting System

Please read through the below before booking

Book a slot at least 48 hours before the shoot day by e-mail or ‘phone (much earlier is preferable!)    As slots are booked your initials will be listed against the time slot on the webpages. Six shooters per session. At the moment we’re going for TWO 1 hour sessions, but if there is sufficient demand we’ll go to THREE 3/4 hours sessions instead.

If you are suffering from any symptoms of  COVID-19, you will be isolating and therefore will not be attending the shoot.

Please bring your own ammunition but if you haven’t got any, please contact us as soon as possible to make arrangements. We haven’t been able to get any ammunition recently, and supplies are running low.

Members of the same household can book a shoot together and can share equipment, but no more than SIX people in one time slot may shoot.   Other than this here can be no sharing of shotguns, equipment etc. and we advise you to bring your own hand sanitiser or equivalent.

At all times on the farm you must maintain social distancing rules – at least 3 feet or more apart starting 4th July. (This does not apply to members of a household living together.)

Drive to the car park, then just before your time slot walk to the gate to the shooting field with all your equipment – remembering to keep the necessary 3 feet or more apart from others. When ready you can start the shoot. There are NO range fees to pay.

We are unable to guarantee the safety of any members against infection so it is the responsibility of all members to take steps to ensure their own safety by acting responsibly and in accordance with the rules and procedures. Any member failing to do so or acting in any manner considered inappropriate will be required to leave immediately.

We know this situation is far from an ideal and it probably won’t suit everyone as our clay shoots are as much social occasions as shoots, but we must minimise the risk of infection and the risks to the reputation of the sport and our club. However, with the lessons learnt from the previous two shoots, this one should be much improved!
PS: We hope the Plough will be open, but we haven’t had confirmation yet.