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The Offensive Weapons Bill – an immediate threat.

The Offensive Weapons Bill constitutes a major threat to target shooting, and could potentially set a malign precedent for other shooting sports since it seeks to prohibit two types of rifle for which there is no evidence of misuse.

Please,  it is important that you email directly your Member of Parliament to express your concern as soon as you possibly can.

You can use the details below, but PLEASE DO IT IN YOUR OWN WORDS – politely as you want your MP to help, you and not to see you as an enemy.

“Dear [[[[MP’s name]]]

Offensive Weapons Bill

We believe that are being unfairly treated by the prohibitions proposed in the above Bill, and because the NCA / police Risk Assessments have apparently identified .50” calibre / MARS rifles as particular risks to public safety, we would like you to question the following

(1) what reductions in firearms crime are expected as a result of the prohibitions?

(2) what is the incidence of legally held rifles being used in crime; and

(3) why the strict rules on the granting of Firearm Certificates are deemed insufficient in the case of .50” calibre, MARS /lever release rifles?

We understand that MPs have many demands on their time and attention; but surely it is best for Parliament to concentrate upon the genuine and real issues, (Terrorism etc) rather than attack the law-abiding shooting sports.

This Bill if unchallenged, risks setting a dangerous precedent as it proposes banning certain firearms without any evidence or credible justification. Today the target is .50” calibre and MARS / lever release rifles; tomorrow it could be other classes of firearm used in our sport.

We do hope you can find the time to ask these questions, as we feel that this bill is a waste of valuable legislative time as well as damaging a sport and alienating the law-abiding sports shooter.

Your sincerely,

[[Name and address]]”  is a very useful tool.

Please email your local MP without delay – their contact details can be found

The Bill and evidence base can be found





VAST increase in fees for clubs and school shooting clubs.

The Home Office have announced a set of fees for target shooting clubs and school target shooting clubs.

They are –

Club first time £444

Club renewal £372

Club variation A £300

Club variation B £206

Club variation C £36

I haven’t got a copy of the categories yet, but we know they relate to matters like a change of secretary, a change of club name and the like.

It is with considerable sadness that we have to report the death of the great Colin Greenwood, who died peacefully on Friday 10th November. The funeral, was held at 11:30 on Tuesday 28th November at the Church of St Thomas the Apostle, Church Street, Heptonstall, Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, HX7 7NT. The family requested no flowers,, but if desired donations should be made to MacMillan Cancer Support. ( We did)

Mary & Mike attended with Bill Harriman from BASC – a very sad day for all of us, and a great loss to the shooting sports.

.50 calibre rifles and “rapid fire” rifles – BASC press release

BASC seeks government clarification ahead of public consultation on knives and firearms

BASC is seeking clarification from the government following the announcement of a public consultation on offensive weapons.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd has announced that among the proposals on which the government will consult are restrictions on the online sales of knives and the transfer of two firearms (.50 calibre and “certain rapid firing rifles”) from the general licensing arrangements to the stricter provisions of section 5 of the Firearms Act 1968.

While the UK’s largest shooting organisation welcomes efforts to tackle crime, it cautions against measures which may not be evidence-based, comply with the principles of better regulation and may impose unintended consequences on legitimate traders or end users.

Bill Harriman, BASC’s director of firearms, said: “The details of this consultation have not yet been released, but BASC is seeking clarification from government as a matter of urgency.

“BASC will ensure that the views of its members will be represented as part of the consultation process. We will continue to challenge proposals for changes in legislation if we believe they are incorrectly targeted or will be ineffective.

“BASC will hold the government to account and demand that any proposals to change legislation are proportionate and evidence led. While we will be supportive of measures which tackle crime, it is important that legislative changes are not made as a knee-jerk response.”

BASC is approaching government to clarify proposals for .50 calibre and rapid firing rifles.

Mr Harriman added: “The ability of terrorists or criminals to acquire .50cal rifles is insignificant. These have been possessed lawfully without incident. The current wording around proposals for certain rapid firing rifles are too vague to allow a detailed response at this stage.”

The Home Office has also announced it will consult on proposals to restrict the online sale of knives so they cannot be delivered to a private residential address and must instead be collected at a place where age ID can be checked.

Mr Harriman added: “Banning the delivery of bladed items by mail order may be detrimental to the legitimate knife trade and end users. It would, for example, likely cause immense difficulties for those who make a legitimate living from hand-crafting niche hunting knives to sell them online.

“Such legislation may not meet the regulatory proportionality test or have a demonstrable effect on criminality. And it would do nothing to stop people using kitchen knives to commit crimes.”