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The “calibre” ban at Sealand Ranges.

What we DO know –

This is what the NRA circulated, having received a two-line e-mail from MoD Wales and West – explaining little else .

Clubs licenced to use MoD ranges in Wales and the West Midlands should be aware that a temporary restriction on all firearms that exceed 7.62mm calibre is now in place. The restriction includes muzzle loading firearms and High Muzzle Energy firearms.  A review of ME and MV limits for all ranges is under way.   Please ensure that all shoots comply with the new restriction.  More details to follow as they become available.

What we DON’T know

  1. Why this temporary ban has been imposed
  2. What risk or danger this is intended to address
  3. Why it only refers to Wales and West Midlands MoD ranges
  4. If it this means ALL muzzle-loading firearms are prohibited
  5. Exactly what “exceeding 7.62mm” means.

What we believe to be true:

  1. The NRA have taken the matter up at national level, and will be having a meeting with senior MoD officers on 21st October.
  2. That some in the MoD believe that it is the measurement of calibre – the actual, physical bore of the firearm – is what is being used as a yardstick
  3. 7.62 Nato bullets are 7.82mm – thus exceeding the ban limit if 2. is true.
  4. To date, no formal MoD safety notice has yet been issued as far as we know.
  5. There appears to be considerable confusion within the MoD.
  6. The Muzzle-Loaders Association of Great Britain are also taking the matter up.
  7. BASC, the NRA and MLAGB are aware of the situation.
  8. That we MUST (somehow) comply with this nebulous and confusing order.

Clay dates at Phil’s place

These are the provisional dates we have for the winter clay shoots –

All Saturdays

9th November 2019 Sorry, this date is NOT available.

14th December 2019 Sorry, this date is NOT available.

28th December 2019

8th  February 2020

29th  February 2020

28th  March 2020

However, since the MoD have proved so difficult with our Sealand bookings this year, we MAY have to exchange some of these dates in order to use them for Sealand – or vice-versa!

Clubs “Good Practice Guide.”

This document was put together by the Metropolitan Police Firearms Enquiry Team together with representatives from the British Shooting Sports Council.

You may recognise one or two of the photos in the guide, so you can guess where the main input from the BSSC came from.

I’d particularly like to bring to your attention a statement in the foreword-

“We must do whatever we can reasonably do to support the continued lawful practice of target shooting, whilst protecting public safety.”

Rob Atkin MBE (T. Commander, Met police Armed Policing)

The whole document rests on honest and clear co-operation between the police and the clubs, and if all police forces and clubs were to adopt this guide, we’d be in a much better place than we are at present.

Met Police Clubs Good Practice Guide.

This document is worth reading as it explains a lot about the relationship between clubs and firearms licensing departments, and while the Home Office have started to charge for things which weren’t chargeable before, the main thrust of the guide remains good.

More tax (attacks?) on Target Shooting Clubs

The Home Office have just published their response to the consultation of various fees for Firearms related businesses, clubs and schools.

They are –
Club first time approval grant    £444
Club renewal                                     £372
There are also other fees for such things a changing the secretary, club name, etc, varying between £300 & £36.

These are far less than the original proposals but still a very considerable hike from £84 for both grant and renewal, and NO fee for variations. to quote the Home Office – “The review led to fees that are approximately 58% lower than those proposed in the consultation.”

We have always tried had to keep costs to a bare minimum to Phoenix members, but these extras will have to be factored into our subscriptions or range fees over the coming  years.  but basically it means that our costs will rise by £60 a year, although paid out in a lump sum every six years – 2020 being our next renewal.

That’s £60 a year we will not be able to use for the benefit of the club or the sport.


The Sealand dates we have asked for from May Onwards

The current system of booking ranges at Sealand has become bureaucratic and slow.  Previously we put our bids in for a year (as we did this year) and were provided with one calendar for the year.

Now, having submitted our bids for the year they are being sent out roughly monthly, a month at a time which makes planning difficult. We still  (9/4/19) don’t have our May dates yet.

To try to help you we’ve listed the dates we’ve bid for below, but we can’t guarantee that we’ll be granted all of them.

Sealand B Range 11th May 2019
Sealand A Range 25th May 2019
Sealand A Range 8th June 2019
Sealand B Range 22nd June 2019
Sealand A Range 6th July 2019
Sealand A Range 20th July 2019
Sealand A Range 3rd August 2019
Sealand B Range 10th August 2019
Sealand A Range 7th September 2019
Sealand A Range 21st September 2019
Sealand A Range 5th October 2019
Sealand B Range 19th October 2019
Sealand A Range 2nd November 2019
Sealand A Range 16th November 2019
Sealand A Range 30th November 2019
Sealand A Range 7th December 2019
Sealand A Range 21st December 2019