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The local history of our sports

We’ve all complained about the way our sport is ignored and even written out of history as “socially unacceptable “, “inappropriate” or “politically incorrect.” Well, Cheshire West Council has given us a chance to tell our story, our history.

This link is to a survey written by Lincolnshire, but adapted by Cheshire to ask opinions on local history, heritage etc. I know it’s full of media-speak, but it DOES give us a chance to tell our story. Once registered with them, we can tell them of the Mostyn House “underground cricket pitch” which was a second-world war air raid shelter converted into a shooting range, named after the well-known local historian, Geoffrey Place.

We can mention the shooting ranges on the marsh, (unfortunately Sealand is – just – in Wales, so it can’t be included) the history of target shooting in the Parkgate area, then of course there is the famous Dee Wilfowlers and Wetland Management Club, who have been shooting over the Dee (founded 1952, although wilfowling has been carried on there for centuries.)

We have pictures of Mostyn House boys shooting on the sands at Parkgate using carbines and ammunition provided by the government – but nowadays schools and guns are seen as a “no-no” by some people, preferring to pretend that this sort of thing was an abberation – which it was not. It was a response to a percieved threat to our country.

The history of our club can be found on the website, and if you’d like any other historical resources let us know and we’ll see what we can dig out to help.

A victory ?

You may remember that in 2020 we asked you to complete a Government online survey about firearm safety, and one suggestion was to remove the use of air rifles by 14 to 17 year olds on private land when not supervised. This, the Government has decided to leave things as they are. A victory? Well, it means at least we’re no worse off in this area.

However, this was just one of the proposals in the consultation:

Other related to handloading, the storage on High Muzzle Energy Firearms [their capitals…] Minature rifle ranges (such as the Sheepshed) and the use of .22 rimfire self-loading rifles.

I’d like to be able to give you the goverment’s response to all of these, but the BASC website link to that doesn’t work, and I can’t find the original webpage.

Target Rifle Bargains !

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