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A nasty firearms robbery

Following a recent very nasty robbery, the Metropolitan Police have asked all the major National Governing Bodies of shooting to circulate advice.  We’d like all our members to accept and follow the advice, and to pass it on to other firearm owners.

On Saturday 5th September 2020 a firearm certificate holder advertised a gun for sale on GunStar, one of the well-known sites for sales of lawfully owned guns. The advert was answered by two men and the holder arranged for a meeting at his home.

He invited the potential “buyers” into his home where he showed the gun and his certificate. The “buyers” were in fact criminals who proceeded to hold the certificate holder at knife point, tie him and his wife up and then instruct him to load the gun for them. They then left, leaving the holder bound.

If we didn’t know already, the police have asked us to remind firearms owners that there are criminals who are also reviewing sites like GunStar. It is easy to assume, incorrectly, that purported buyers have the same enthusiasm for the sport as they do. This is not always the case.

To reduce risk of another such crime, the police have asked for our assistance to make crimes of this type more difficult to perpetrate and with joint effort, avoid a repetition.  They emphasise this is advice; it is NOT guidance or regulation:

  1. Try to check certificates prior to any meeting. A genuine buyer should not object to, for instance, sending an electronic image of their certificate.  That includes a photograph of the holder which can be compared with the person at the door, before any entry is allowed into the home.
  2. Try to complete a sale away from your home. At home, a criminal has access to the entire contents of your safe; a better location may be at your local shooting club as more people will be present. This will help to deter a criminal.
  3. Advertise locally within your club environment rather than online.
  4. Ideally use an RFD as a conduit for sale. This is by far the safest option, and while the cost is understood, the risk to the certificate holder is negated.

This robbery was shocking for the certificate holder.  The police have asked for our help to prevent any further, similar incidents.

We are sure that Phoenix members do take similar security steps when buying or selling firearms – particularly in the light of discussions we’ve had with members in the past when doing so.

Risk Assessment for MoD Ranges

We are truly sorry about the large amount of text involved in this, but we are obliged by the MoD to ensure that everyone who attends the ranges has read it, and will comply.



If you are feeling unwell or have Covid-19 symptoms please do not visit an outdoor range, no matter how mild the symptoms. If you are displaying COVID-19 symptoms yourself you must isolate for 7 days. If you are sharing a household with someone who is displaying symptoms you must isolate for 14 days.

Government advice is available at:

Clubs must comply with advice provided by the devolved Administrations. (IE: Wales)


  1. The aim of this Risk Assessment is to identify existing and potential Covid-19 transmission hazards associated with the use of outdoor ranges and to demonstrate that the appropriate control measures, in accordance with Government guidance, are in place. General mitigation, in all areas will include:
  • Maintaining social distancing in all areas
  • Minimal contact with common hard surfaces
  • Hygiene: frequent hand washing/sanitisation and surface cleaning where necessary.


  • The primary activity is target shooting.  This assessment will include shooters arrival/departure and occupation and use of the range. 
  • Club officials must ensure member compliance with Government advice and the devolved Administrations at all times.

(Signed) Mary Eveleigh


Phoenix Shooters Association


  • A summary of the major hazards:
Ref Hazard RA
1 Transmission from other members Med 4
2 Transmission from other range users Low 2
3 Transmission from other persons/general public on site Low 2
4 Transmission from equipment on site Med 4
5 Transmission from communications equipment Med 4
6 Transmission from communal areas Low 2


  • This Risk Assessment focuses upon the risk to range users.  Landmarc/range operator staff will have been assessed separately by Landmarc/the range operator.


The risk matrix defines the level of risk by considering probability or likelihood against severity.

Risk Associated with the Hazard Existing Control Measures Risk Rating
Transmission to/from members & Landmarc operatives Club members must not come to an outdoor range if they are displaying Covid-19 symptoms or sharing a household with someone who is displaying symptoms
Bookings   –  Range bookings will follow the Landmarc/range operator process        – Club members must carry the NRA Shooter Competency Card (SCC) whilst on the range  
Arrival and Departure 2 m Social distancing must be observed at all times, by all members as per MoD/Government/devolved Administration guidelines Club officials must control member arrivals/departures in car park to ensure compliance with 2m social distancing
RCO will sign on/off the range and receive/return radio in accordance with the Landmarc procedure and local Covid-19 procedures (radio is for RCO use only)           
Shooting Activity – Probationary members are not permitted to participate in club shoots during the Covid-19 restrictions –
Club Guest Days are not permitted –
The shooting activity will take place on the firing point & the area immediately behind the firing point –
RCO must ensure compliance with Government/devolved Administration guidelines on group size – Consider use of alternate firing points to ensure social distance is maintained   –
Members will shoot in squads, assigned to a timed detail – Only one shooter per firing point/target –
In the event of a medical emergency, the first aider will wear a mask & gloves when dealing with the casualty. In the event of a medical emergency the injured member will put on a mask if it is medically safe to do so –
The RCO will be issued with mask and gloves in order to intervene should a safety incident occur.  
Marking Activity –  RCO must designate a Butts Supervisor for the butt party who will be accountable for compliance with social distancing/hygiene in the Markers Gallery.
Butt party and Supervisor must wear masks whilst in the butts/markers gallery.   – 
Only one marker per target – Hythe frames are to be disinfected between users by anti-bacterial wipes or sprays.  Alternatively, protective gloves should be issued to each detail on entering the butts –
Movement in/out of the butt must be controlled by RCO and Butts Supervisor and comply with 2m social distancing –
Butts Supervisor will control rigging/de rigging the range and compliance with social distancing/hygiene guidelines  
2 x 2 Medium
Transmission from other range users Club officials must ensure separation of groups is enforced.
Spectators will not be permitted on the range
The changeover on the firing point must be coordinated by the RCO and the Butts Supervisor
Masks may be worn by all parties
Equipment must not be shared between shooters
The requirement for Landmarc staff to converse with range users is minimal, if necessary there is sufficient space to maintain social distancing
Members must limit interaction with other users and comply with 2m social distancing
RCO must ensure that any waste is removed from the range in sealed bags
1 x 2 Low
Transmission from other persons/general public on site Spectators will not be permitted on the range
Club members must not engage with other persons/general public on the range  
1 x 2 Low
Transmission from equipment Club members must not share a vehicle unless they are part of the same household/bubble.
Club radios must be wiped down and placed in Ziploc bags
RCO/Butts Supervisor must ensure that target frames, radios, field telephone, butt flag, SARTS tablets are wiped down at the beginning and end of each detail.
Club members must sanitise their hands with alcohol based sanitiser of at least 60% alcohol content, before and after using target frames or tablets at the beginning and end of each detail.
In the event of a fault on target equipment the Butts Supervisor is to report the fault and retire from the equipment whilst it is repaired/adjusted
In the event of a firearm fault/malfunction the firearm is to be made as safe as possible laid flat pointing at the target and the club armourer tasked
All used PPE and wipes must be removed from the range in sealed bags
Club members are not permitted to access or to use tools and equipment belonging to Landmarc/range operator

2×2 Medium
Transmission from communications equipment Field telephones will be wiped down on change of user.
Club radios must be wiped down and kept in a Ziploc bag and reserved for use by the RCO, Butt Supervisor
Landmarc radio to be handled in accordance with local Covid-19 procedures.  
1 x 2 Low
Transmission from communal areas Members must comply with 2m social distancing guidelines at all times on MoD range/premises
Members must comply with local hygiene protocols when using toilets and must provide their own spray/gel/wipes.
1 x 2 Low
Date: 4/9/20 Review Date:  September 2020
Name: M Eveleigh Name: M Eveleigh
Position: Secretary Position : Secretary
Signature: Signature: