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We are trying hard to keep everyone safe by complying with the current COVID-19 regulations, while at the same time making sure we all enjoy ourselves.

If ONE member who has attended a shoot recently becomes infected, then we will have to close down immediately, and all of us will have to self-isolate. Please think about this carefully, and ensure you keep your distance.

To do this, everyone who wants to attend at Sheepshed MUST read and comply with the following fairly basic rules:
Note that there have been changes to comply with the regulations – they are in RED below

1. DO NOT ATTEND if you have any symptoms related to COVID-19.

2.Use hand sanitiser IMMEDIATELY ON FIRST ENTRY into the clubroom.

3.DO NOT ATTEND unless you have first booked a place and had it confirmed.

4.Keep 1 metre plus distance (preferably more) from others at all times, unless absolutely imperative.

5.Bring your own hearing protection AND MASK.

6.DO NOT touch other people’s guns or equipment.

7.DO NOT enter the alleyway by the clubroom unless invited to do so. That is both when leaving AND entering

8.If, in the 7 days following a shoot you have attended you find that you are suffering from COVID-19 type symptoms, you must inform us at once.

9.Masks are NOW compulsory, to allow the 1 metre + distancing.

10.A club gun will be available, but it must be booked in advance, and only if you don’t have one of your own.

11.A small amount of ammunition will be available ONLY to those who have none of their own, and must be booked in advance and paid for by BACS or cheque.

12.The maximum number of people who can attend a session is 17 including ROs etc.

13. Despite all the foregoing, please enjoy yourself!

We thought about putting up our NSRA/NRA Indoor shooting risk assessment, but it runs to 25 paragraphs on two pages of very closely-spaced type ! However, the rules above are derived from them, and we must be careful to abide by them. Please remember that people over 70 are considered to be more at risk from this infection than others.