Monthly Archives: July 2020

The NRA have provided us with a risk assessment and declaration which the MoD have now accepted for use by clubs wishing to shoot on their ranges.
The NSRA have done a similar one for the indoor ranges such as the Sheepshed and both are required by the government under the current COVID-19 regulations if we want to shoot on these two ranges.
Together these documents amount to fourteen A4 pages, but much of the wording tells us what we already know (but which legally has to be stated) or is duplicated.

The general requirements for BOTH ranges are:

  1. NO member is to attend who is displaying COVID-19 symptoms, or who is a part of a household where someone has those symptoms. In the case of a member with symptoms, they must self-isolate for SEVEN days. In the case of a member who is not displaying symptoms, yet is a member of a household where some IS, then they must self-isolate for FOURTEEN days.
  2. Members MUST book a place at least 24 hours before the shoot.
  3. Any member who falls into the above situations after they have attended a shoot in the previous TEN days must inform the club, who must keep a record for the “track & trace system.
  4. Face masks must be worn in some circumstances.
  5. No food or drink is to be consumed at either premises.
  6. There will be NO club ammunition available until the restrictions are changed. (Soon, we hope.)
  7. There will be NO range fees.
  8. Strict social distancing must be enforced.
  9. Members must provide their own guns, ammunition, protective and other equipment.
  10. Bookings MUST be made in advance – NO turning up unannounced.
  11. NO sharing of equipment.

    For Sealand there are specific requirements:
  12. Social distancing of TWO metres (NOT as above!)
  13. NO probationary members.
  14. Shooters must carry their competency card.
  15. Only one shooter per firing point
  16. Only one marker per target in the butts.
  17. All targets, pointers and target frames to be sanitised after each marking detail.
  18. Each butt marker must sanitise their hands before and after each marking detail.
  19. No spectators or guests are allowed.
  20. All waste to be placed in sealed bags and removed by the club.
  21. Shooters must provide their own disinfectant spray/gel/wipes etc.
  22. The shed should have no more than five people in it at any one time. Members must shoot in timed squads – which means that everyone on a shooting detail must start and finish at the same time.
  23. Club radios must be sanitised and kept in a ziploc bag (also sanitised.)
  24. Masks to be worn in the butts.
  25. A maximum of THIRTY people attending at one time – including ROs etc.
  26. There are a number of other rules and regulations which will affect the ROs and the club officials, but they should not affect members in general.
  27. The matter of preserving targets is a difficult one: sanitising them is obviously not practical, so for the duration of the crisis we will have to rely on accurate and prompt marking. Butts parties to note!
    If two or more members have an arrangement that one will photograph the others’ target in the butts then send it to the shooter – that’s fine: sharing mobiles however is not fine, as viewing a target on someone else’s mobile will require a distance of less than two metres.

    As for the Sheepshed:
  28. Our first Sheepshed shoot is on Wednesday 29th July – an evening shoot starting at 19:00. You must let us know at least 24 hours in advance if you want to come along, with places allocated on a “first come, first served” basis. If we find that we get fully booked, we’ll post that as a notice on the website.
  29. Only a 15 shooters can attend due to the limited area of the clubroom and range –
  30. Members must sanitise their hands on arrival at the clubroom.
  31. Due to the narrow corridor outside, no-one must leave the clubroom without permission from Mary.
  32. Anyone wishing to enter the clubroom must first get permission from Mary – through the window at the range end of the room.
  33. No-one must enter or leave the range itself without permission of the RO.
  34. When a detail leaves the range, they must NOT enter the narrow corridor outside the clubroom but wait – suitably distanced – near the entrance until Mary gives permission for them to enter. This will not be done until the next detail has entered the range.
  35. Social distancing of 1+ metres will apply at all times, except for members of the same household.
  36. There will be a set of targets available in the range and once you have taken one, you must not replace it or hand it to anyone else. You must take your targets away with you at the end of the shoot.
  37. The toilet cannot be used.
  38. Members must take their own waste paper etc away with them.
  39. Air rifles are of course permitted.

    In order to get us started shooting again we have had to sign up to an agreement that we will do ALL of the above – plus several other requirements relating to Risk Assessments, record keeping etc.

    We know these conditions seem strict, but as they get us shooting again, then that’s a beginning. It’s certain that the COID-19 regulations will change as the law requires them to be reviewed every twenty-one days, but remember that a review does not necessarily mean a change, although so far – it has!