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Reeves RFD – orders from Phoenix members

John Reeves is now taking any orders for the Reeves Registered Firearms Dealership..  He would be grateful if you could enter your requirements into a book in the clubroom at the Sheepshed  range, and he will make arrangements with you for payment and collection.

Please remember to leave your contact details.

John’s  mobile number can be obtained from Mary if you would prefer to text any orders or discuss your requirements.

The Phoenix 2017 Summer competition series.

PSA Senior

The 2017 summer series comprises of four competitions with the results comprised of your best three positions out of the four competitions.  In the case of a decider then the 4th comp will be taken into account. Places make points, 20 points for first on the day, 19 points for second etc.

June 24th  Sealand A
PSA 100 scoped – 10 shots, 100 seconds.

July 8th Sealand A
PSA 100 iron sights –  10 shots, 100 seconds.

July 22nd Sealand B
Captain’s Trophy.
300 yards, iron sights,
2 sighters, 10 shots, 2 minutes.

ALL unsupported, fullbore, slings permitted.


To be shot at the Sheepshed at any PSA date during June or July.

1 target, 10 rounds, unsupported, any .22 rifle , 2 minutes.

PSA Junior

Nominate at any shoot before firing in June, July or August.

1. Score of Sealand A, PSA 100 – scoped .223 rifle 100 yards 10 shots, 100 seconds.

2. Score of Sheepshed precision competition

3. Score of clay trophy competition.

If a junior member can’t shoot at the clay competition, they may have one second Sealand A range or Sheepshed precision shoot as a substitute.

Alex will be undertaking his 17th consecutive Wirral Coastal Walk (15 miles) on Sunday 18th June 17. Sponsorship is in aid of Cancer Research and will be gratefully received.

Please limit donations to a maximum of £5. See Alex at any PSA event

Many Thanks